How to create an invisible zipper draw that is both stylish and practical

How to make a super invisible zipper on the fly. 

In this video, we’ll cover everything you need to know to create the most amazing invisible zipper that can be made from scratch with a variety of materials.

It’s so simple, in fact, it might just make your life easier.

To create this invisible zipper, you need: 1.

A small zipper that’s easy to remove, and 2.

A black or white zipper that you want to use in a fashion-forward design.

We’ll start with the basics of creating the invisible zipper.


Choose a Small Zip: We want to start with a small zip.

The easiest way to create a small zipper is to create one with the smallest length possible.

This is because the longer the length, the less fabric you need for the zipper.

In the video below, we use a standard zipper length and make a small invisible zipper using just 3 layers of fabric: 2 layers of white fabric (the bottom) and 2 layers for the top (the middle).

Now that we’ve got a small, light-weight, invisible zipper in place, we’ll start adding more layers.

As we can see in the video above, we’re adding the white fabric layer to the bottom of the zipper, making it a little larger than a normal zipper. 

 Now, let’s take a look at how we can create a super small invisible zip.


Remove the Bottom Layer: To remove the bottom layer, we need to take a piece of fabric that is the same length as the bottom fabric layer, and place it in the back of the black zipper pouch.

Since the bottom layers are always the same thickness, we can make this a little easier.

The black zipper will need to be cut to fit, so it’s important to leave a little room for the black fabric layer. 

The black fabric layers should be folded and pinned in a way that will make it easier to remove. 


Flip the Black Zipper Pouch: Now we need a way to flip the black zipper pouch. 

We’ll be working in two pieces of fabric.

First, we will flip the top and bottom black zippers. 

You can do this by pulling the top black zipper and pressing down, and then flipping the top zipper over and over. 

Once you’ve flipped the top zipper over, flip the bottom zipper, and flip the side of the pouch to make it the same width as the top. 


Flip Top and Bottom Zippers Over and Over: If you flip the sides of the bag, you can make the zippers fold down in one direction, so you can flip the two halves.

Flip the sides, flip, flip. 


Make the Black Zip Stretch: Once you have flipped the black Zipper pouch, we want to stretch it out a little. 

To do this, fold the top half of the zipper and place that on top of the fabric, then fold the bottom half. 


Flip Over and Flip Over:  Now we’re going to flip over the top of both sides of both black zippered pockets, and the sides will fold back to the same size as the sides. 


Flip Both Pockets Over and Under: When you flip both pockets, the top will stretch out and the bottom will fold down, making the two sides fold under and making the bag a little more like a normal zipped bag. 


Repeat for all three Zippers: The bottom of each pocket will stretch and fold up in the same direction, creating a pretty cute zipped look.


Make Invisible Zippers with Color: Next, we are going to make the invisible zippers with different colors. 

For this tutorial, we just want to make invisible zips with a single black fabric, but we can also make them with different materials. 

If you have a black zipper, you want it to be as light as possible. 

When you are making a zipped black fabric fabric, you should make the fabric as thin as possible, so that it will stretch in the opposite direction to the fabric you want the zipper to fold in. 

A black zipper should be just a few layers of black fabric on the outside of the top layer of the Zipper, then the top fabric. 

Now we’ll flip the zipped fabric over and start the fabric on top, so the black material is now at the bottom and the top is at the top, creating the most basic invisible zipper we can possibly create. 


Make Black Zippers for White Dressers: Another way to make black zipped dressers is to make them for white dressers. 

So how do you make black zipper dressers for white

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