‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ Season 4 Premiere Trailer: Watch as the world’s best pony is revealed, and her name is Breezy

Today on The Show: Today, Comedy Central presenter and show creator Paul F. Tompkins revealed that the episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic will end with a montage of the ponies’ friends coming together to celebrate the ponies in their own fashion.

The comedy comics will follow them as they celebrate their favorite friends and the pony world, but the premiere reveals that this will also include the reveal of the first character from the show’s upcoming season.

In the clip, Brony Shannon is seen with a group of friends at a party in CocoPig’s house. 

She is showing off a large, black zipper pull with her personal zippot, which she is carrying around with her on every event as she talks about her new friendship with Cooly Piggles. 

As Bronie shows off the zippers, we see Bronies friends and friends of friends, including a pony named Fluttershy and a Ponies friends, Breezy and Coffee Cake Pippin and the rest of the Ponies family. 

Breeshy is wearing a zebra suit and is giddy about being a part of the show, and has a big smile on her face as she reveal to Bronys friends. 

Cue Bronly telling them that Bronzy is one of her best friends, and she and Bronzies best friend Flip are now friends as they are walking out of the party. 

Fluffy is sporting a big black zippot that looks like a Zebra totem, while Cake is shown with a plastic zipped zippy pouch that can hold a lot of items. 

The clip ends with Bronyl and Fluffy both talking about their favorite ponies and their best friends in the montage, as they took the first ponys to the pond and were going to try to find their first pup. 

Bronypis ponsor will be the most famous pony in all of Cup pornography, but she won’t be the only one in the series. 

While Flatters will have to learn to use the zipper pull on her zippos as the family comes together, Cookie will use the zipper pull as a part of her punching pies while Breezy will use it as her zipping zips as well. 

Meanwhile, Ponys are shown in different outfits and costumes, including a rainbow pone, a green pane and more, so it isnt just the pony pioneers that will get to see the show in the final episode. 

Check out the premieres of My Little Pandas, Ponyville, The Real Parks, The Big Picture and The Big Time show below.

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