How to get your zipper dress to fit your body size

It’s hard to tell when you’re wearing a zipped dress and you’re getting ready for a big night.

But if you’re worried about the fit of your zipper shipper dress, this article will show you how to adjust the elastic to suit your body.

Here are the basics.1.

Measure your zipper waistband2.

Find your waistband3.

Cut your zipper down to fit.

This will help to keep the zipper dress in place.4.

Flip the zipper back over to adjust.

If your waist is too short, trim a section down the center to make it longer.5.

Use a flat-iron tool to trim the elastic at the top of your waist band to make sure it fits your waist.6.

Flip your zipper back and cut the elastic back down to your body length.7.

Now cut a section along the length of your dress, so you can trim down the excess to your waist or waistband length.8.

Repeat the same process with the remaining elastic.

The result should look like this:9.

If you’re having trouble finding your waist, try this trick:Take a ruler and measure your waist measurement, as shown in the diagram below.

Make sure it’s the same size as your waist measure.

If it’s not, it might be too tight.

Once you find that measurement, cut the excess slack in the elastic.10.

Take the excess elastic and trim it to the size of your bodice, which is the part of the dress that extends beyond the waistband.

If the waist measurement is too big, you’ll need to adjust this section of the zipper.

This should look something like this below:11.

Flip and trim the excess, leaving enough room for the zipper to go through.

This is the perfect spot to trim your waistline and keep the skirt from showing through your dress.12.

Using a flat iron tool, cut a short, wide seam down the back of the skirt.

Then trim the zipper up to your desired length.13.

Flip a piece of fabric across the top to create a zipper cut.

Make the cut just inside your zipper seam.14.

Flip over and trim around the seam until it’s exactly the right length.15.

Use your flat iron to create the zipper cut, and repeat the process for the remaining section of your skirt.16.

This step is optional, but it can be helpful to have a helper help with this step if your skirt doesn’t look right on you.

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