MSNBC: “Trump has won two states, a district and two caucuses. But the GOP will still be in trouble”

It is not often that a presidential candidate is able to win the nomination of a major party, but Donald Trump has done that.

His success in the states of Iowa and New Hampshire has propelled him into the lead over Sen. Ted Cruz and has also propelled him onto the stage to face off against Bernie Sanders.

The Republican candidate has taken the party to a new level in the upcoming presidential race, as it looks like he may actually become the nominee.

However, the GOP may be in serious trouble in the remaining contests.

In Iowa, Trump has captured a victory over former Governor Terry Branstad.

The state is currently headed for a contested convention in July, as a majority of delegates are bound to their respective state parties.

Trump’s win was notable, as Branstad had only been the Republican Party’s nominee since 2010.

Trump won the caucuses in both Iowa and North Dakota, and in New Hampshire, the state where he was the nominee, he won more delegates than any other candidate.

Trump has taken a lead in the polls, as many polls have him leading Cruz.

The Iowa caucuses will take place on Sunday, March 3, at 7 p.m.

The next contest, a contest in New Jersey, will take a few days later on March 6.

In the other states, Iowa has Trump with a comfortable lead, with his campaign receiving over 30 percent of the vote.

New Hampshire is a close race between Cruz and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Cruz has a large lead in both states, and he’s also expected to take the nomination in all three.

In North Dakota the race is closer, with Cruz leading by just a few hundred votes.

In all of these contests, Trump is receiving more votes than Cruz, and is leading by an average of more than 2,000 votes.

This means that the Republican candidate is winning the nomination at a faster pace than any previous Republican presidential nominee.

Trump will face off with Sanders in the Democratic primary in New York on April 19.

Sanders has received a great deal of support from young voters, and Trump’s support from the Republican base is growing, with the candidate now getting over a quarter of the support of his rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

In New Hampshire on March 4, Sanders beat former President Barack Obama, earning over 46 percent of New Hampshire’s vote.

This was the first time Sanders has won a primary, and it was a clear victory for the socialist.

Sanders, like Trump, will be looking to win delegates, as he will have to compete against the eventual nominee, Hillary Clinton, for the Democratic nomination.

Sanders’ campaign has not released the final results of its Iowa caucuses.

It is possible that some precincts will be counted on Friday, and the results will be announced later on Saturday.

But in order for Sanders to claim the nomination, he needs to win Iowa, and this is a huge task for the candidate.

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