‘A bit of the future’ with Zippo Vapor e-cigarette

ZIPPO Vapor, India’s largest e-cig maker, said it has been granted a patent for a modular device that it claims can be used to attach earrings to the back of a vape pen.

A prototype of the Zippoo Vapor modular device is shown.

ZIPPON Vapor India founder and CEO Ramesh Agarwal said the company has developed a modular design for a portable device that can be detached and attached to the e-cigarettes.

The modular device, which is currently in the prototype phase, can attach earbuds to the top and bottom of the device, he said.

“This device can be attached to an e-liquids vape pen or any other electronic device that the user desires,” Agarwa said in a statement.

ZIPPO will be manufacturing the device in India at its manufacturing facility in Mumbai and will have the modular design available to the public at a later date.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year announced plans to expand e-vapor production in the country, which had already seen a rise in sales of e-liquid and other products made from tobacco.

Last month, Indian government officials said a plan to expand the country’s e-commerce market would allow e-waste to be recycled at a much lower cost than traditional manufacturing.

The move has raised concerns that e-cigs will lead to a huge spike in deaths, with e-fans and others saying e-smokers are the most dangerous people in the world.

The patent granted to ZIPPOS said it can create modular devices that can attach a single earbud to any electronic device, such as a vape and a battery.

The modular devices can also attach accessories such as earrings and a camera to the device and can be connected to electronic devices like laptops, smart phones, game consoles, portable speakers and other electronic devices, it said.

The device is intended for e-juice products and can produce different products according to the user’s preferences, it added.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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