‘Dirty’ zipper lubricants used by men to clean their genitals have been found to contain ‘diseases’

New Delhi: An investigation by The Times Of India has revealed that several products used by Indian men to protect themselves from infections such as HIV have also been found with “disease-causing” chemicals.

The investigation, led by a Delhi-based law firm, also found that the lubricant and other products were contaminated with drugs or other chemicals that have been linked to cancer and other adverse health outcomes.

According to the report, a man in his 20s and who has not been named in the report has reported to the law firm that he has used one of the products for more than a year.

The product is said to have come in a plastic bag, which is then sealed with a plastic sleeve, and then is placed inside a baggie.

After that, the product is sealed, and a sealer is applied to the seal.

The report said that after applying the sealer, the contents are then washed with a cotton-wool wash cloth and the product washed with water.

The products also have a plastic cap with a hole that allows a user to take the product out of the product when they want to wash it.

The report said the product had been sold at the Delhi-NCR Medical Centre for around Rs.10,000 (around Rs.14,000 in India).

The products have been tested and found to be non-pathogenic and do not contain the drugs or chemicals identified in the Indian government’s study, the report said.

However, the Delhi Police has not responded to a request for comment.

The chemicals found in the products are not new.

According the report: A 2015 study in the journal, The Lancet, found that lubricants, gels, and creams had been found in some of India’s largest markets, and they are frequently used by young men.

The Indian government is also concerned about the spread of some of the chemicals in the lubricants.

A survey of the country’s most contaminated areas last year found that one in three areas of the southern state of Karnataka had at least one contaminated site, and three in five had at the time of the survey at least five contaminated sites.

The government is trying to find solutions to the problem.

In July, the government said that it had ordered the Centre to ensure that any product made from non-toxic ingredients such as cellulose and polyethylene would be phased out and that it would ban the use of products containing the chemicals, such as those found in India’s most polluted areas.

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