Zach Harper: My goal is to win the AL MVP

Zach Harper, the former Orioles catcher who retired last month, thinks the AL is the best division in baseball.

Harper, who won the AL Rookie of the Year Award in 2016, believes the AL Central is the toughest division in the game.

He also thinks it’s the best in the world.

Harley Alston, who retired after last season, thinks it should be called the American League, but Harper said he’s a big fan of the Yankees and the Red Sox.

He said he would rather win a ring with the Red Wings than the Yankees.

The Yankees are currently third in the AL East with a 4-0 record.

Harper thinks they have the best rotation in baseball and the best bullpen in baseball, and said the Yankees would be a better team if they didn’t make the playoffs every year.

Harvey said the AL West is a bit different than the rest of the league because the Dodgers, Giants, Padres and Rockies have been struggling the past few seasons.

Harman thinks the Cubs are probably the best team in baseball but also thinks the Dodgers could beat them if they win a World Series.

Harmer said he’d like to win a National League Championship.

Harbaughs, whose team the Royals won the World Series last season but has been without starting pitcher Francisco Rodriguez since Sept. 1, said he thinks the best player in baseball right now is Bryce Harper.

Harbaugh said he likes what he sees from the Royals, who are a strong baseball team.

He likes the way they’ve handled the injury issues of starting pitcher Yordano Ventura, and he said he hopes the Royals win a championship.

Harbor said he wants to win another World Series with the Royals.

Harner said the Cubs could win a division title and that he thinks that’s what it takes to win.

Harber also said he is a big believer in Mike Trout, who has been the biggest reason the Cubs have been able to stay afloat in the American Association.

He believes Trout has a lot of potential.

Harbert said the biggest difference between the Cubs and Yankees is that the Cubs believe in themselves and are more focused on winning.

Har Harbors son Alex, who also retired after this season, said it’s funny when people say he didn’t really play baseball for a living.

Harbie said he loves his family and that’s why he retired.

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