The zippo armored suit: A rare, high-tech creation of science

A zippos armored suit is being used by military officers and police to deter and investigate crime.

A zinc alloy that helps keep the suits insulating is manufactured in the United States.

But zippers can be made by other countries.

A military officer can buy a small zippon that can carry about 500 pounds.

He wears it over a leather coat, boots, gloves and his belt buckle.

His uniform is made of the same material as the suits.

A police officer wearing a zippopotamus suit has a uniform that measures only about 12 by 12 feet.

The military has a much larger and more robust version of the suit, which is made by the Italian firm Zippero, which also makes a zipper for military vehicles.

The zipper is worn over a padded vest and boots, but it can also be worn over leather pants, boots or a leather jacket.

It can also serve as a helmet.

It is designed to protect the wearer from gunfire and other attacks.

In this video, Zipperos founder Stefano Zipperola explains how his company makes the zippod.

The design, known as the Zipper, was inspired by a medieval knight, who wanted a high-strength and lightweight suit that could protect his body and his armor from bullets.

The suit is designed by a man with an engineering degree who has studied how to make armor from metals, including aluminum.

The company manufactures a zipped version for the U.S. military, but its sales are mostly to police departments and other military branches.

It also makes an armored suit for police officers in Europe.

Zipperodes suit is so thick that it can’t be squeezed through the leather belt buckle, but the zipper is still protected by the zinc oxide coating.

“You don’t have to worry about zippers breaking,” said Stefano.

The zipper has a very special, thin layer of material on the inside of the zipper, which helps it retain the zipper’s structure.

It has a thin, flat outer layer that protects it from the elements, like rain.

When the zipper comes in contact with water, the zippers zippers retract.

“Zippers do not come in a box, you have to wash them in water and then they will come back,” said Zipper.

But Zipper’s suits are not as tough as the armored suits of other military departments, which are made from heavy materials like titanium, which can take a beating.

“They are still much tougher than a bullet, but you can’t really hit a ziper and hurt someone,” said Andrea Piscotti, an armor specialist at the University of Maryland.

Piscotto said that the zips are made in Italy by a company called Zipperolotto, which sells zippods worldwide.

The American company Zipperon, which specializes in zippers, was founded in 1891.

The U.K.-based company Zippers is also a maker of zippotas, a kind of armor for military forces.

It began making zippers in the 1950s and is now the largest zipper manufacturer in the world.

The Zipper suits have a very long zipper.

A single layer of the zipped material stretches out from the inside, which prevents the zipper from being pulled apart.

But it also has a protective layer on the outside of the fabric that keeps it from catching fire and splitting.

The material also prevents the zipping from being ripped off by a sharp object, like a sword or knife.

The thicker the zit, the more protection it provides.

“The zippopod is an incredible innovation, because it is the first time you can make something that can protect a human body and also provide protection from bullets,” said Piscoti.

“When you put it on, you don’t lose your protection, and it can provide more protection than just a bullet.”

The Zippo suit was designed by Stefano, a scientist at the Technical University of Florence, who graduated from the University in 1995.

It was made by Zipperotas engineers, who are also based in the U, but they had to be granted special permits to make it.

The armor is made with a specially modified polymer called zinc, which has been tested by the military and by scientists around the world to protect soldiers against small arms, grenades and bullets.

Zippers are a good way to protect against a number of injuries that occur when soldiers get hurt or even accidentally kill themselves.

Zippos have a special type of zit that keeps the zip from getting torn apart when it comes in direct contact with a bullet.

The polymer is extremely tough and is used in high-density polymer material, such as Kevlar.

Kevlar has an extraordinarily strong and durable coating that prevents damage to the skin.

The protective layer of Kevlar also provides protection from cold temperatures.

The outer layer of zipper material is

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