The first official census of Canadians in 30 years has just started in 2019

Statistics Canada has just released its census of Canada for the first time since the Great Depression.

The official tally, which has yet to be published, showed there are now over 10.7 million people living in Canada.

“We’re excited to see that this year’s count has reached 10.5 million, which is a record for this period of census history,” said Joanne Dube, the minister of economic growth and employment.

“This is the first census of its kind since the 1930s.

The government has done an amazing job with this.”

Dube said the census will help the government make decisions on how to invest in jobs, infrastructure and the like.

“The census is one of the first official data that we have on the population,” she said.

“It helps us get to the bottom of our economic challenges and challenges of the future.”

Duce said Canada is on track to achieve its goal of halving the size of the economy by 2030.

That goal is set to be reached by 2050, when the economy will be about 60 per cent smaller than it is today.

The Canada 2020 plan aims to be a “comprehensive” economic strategy for the country by 2030, which includes investing $12 billion to boost infrastructure, increase trade and diversify its economy.

“Our government is committed to meeting the 2020 growth target, which we hope will be reached in 2025,” said Duce.

“That’s what we’re focused on.”

But she said the plan will need to be tweaked as a result of the census.

“I think it will be really challenging to get to that goal,” she added.

The census was announced on Friday.

It’s the third major step in the government’s plan to revamp Canada’s economy, after it launched the Canada 2020 economic strategy in October, and the 2020 census in January.

“These new data show that the economy is on the upswing,” said Canadian Federation of Independent Business president John McCallum.

“People are starting to feel better about their jobs, their paychecks and the way their finances are being run.”

McCallam said the government should focus on “how we can invest in the economy so we can be in a position to meet the 2020 goal.”

He also said the economy should continue to be “the most competitive and competitive in the world” in the next five years.

McCallom said Canada should continue expanding infrastructure to attract more jobs and companies, and that it should invest in research and development to build new industries and expand exports.

“In order to do that, the government needs to do the right thing and invest in a lot of new industries that will make a big difference in Canada’s competitiveness and job creation,” he said.

The 2020 census is a milestone for Canada, said Dube.

“Canada’s been looking at census data as a way to plan and conduct our fiscal policy since the 1940s,” she told CBC News.

“And now that we’ve had a first census, it’s clear that this data has been very effective in helping us understand how to improve the economy.”

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