$3,000 sports grill for the price of $400

A sports grill is one of the hottest trends of the year, and its price is about to explode.

With the popularity of outdoor cookouts and cooking demonstrations, it is hard to imagine that anyone can afford to go without one.

But for the next two weeks, that will change.

Starting tomorrow, the makers of the popular Sport Grill have started shipping them for a discount.

The only catch is, it only costs $3.00 less than a regular one, and the company has set up a special webpage for those who want to make their purchase.

The product is currently available for pre-order at its website and a number of other retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy.

It’s also available in the United Kingdom, where it retails for just under $500.

The Sport Grill is a compact, aluminum grill that attaches to a backpack.

It has a built-in thermometer, a charcoal grilling pot, a large grill handle, a dual-sided metal mesh grill mat, a removable stainless steel grill lid, and a large grilling port.

You’ll need to add some cooking spray to the grilling bowl, and it’s designed for use with a variety of cooking utensils, including a can of beans, a griddle, a food processor, a small frying pan, and even a small electric stove.

The grill itself has a number, including the size of the grill bowl, which measures 2.25 by 2.5 inches.

The cooking port has a metal mesh for cooking the food you want, along with a button to release the water from the grill.

There are also two removable rubber feet for lifting the grill over your shoulder and then transferring it to your cooking area.

There is also a small tray for storing your food.

There’s no price yet for this grill, but it will go on sale at 10 a.m.

EST on Friday.

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