How to get the zippoo refill to last for years, says the manufacturer

An Australian manufacturer has warned that its zippos are going to have to wait until 2025 before they’ll be safe to use again.

The Zippo Corp., which sells a variety of products including butane torch and cigarette lighter cartridges, is one of a handful of manufacturers who have warned of the risk of a fire in the battery-operated devices they sell.

The warning comes in a document to be released this week that’s intended to inform the public of the dangers of using Zippos in the foreseeable future.

The document, which is available to the public, also outlines steps consumers can take to avoid an event like a fire, including:Avoid touching the battery compartment.

Remove the battery.

Keep the battery charged.

Never use batteries or batteries and other products in close proximity.

In some cases, a fire could be caused by a zippoz battery catching fire while it’s charging.

But the document suggests that the batteries’ lithium polymer, or lithium ion, cells are more likely to catch on fire.

“We’ve seen some fires caused by batteries catching fire,” said the company’s CEO, Chris Hagerty.

“We’re seeing some fires cause by batteries touching or touching batteries in close contact with one another.”

Hagerty said that Zippoz batteries do not come with a battery charger, and that batteries can be stored in the batteries compartment, or in the bottom of the pack.

He also said that batteries are made to be recycled, and it’s important to keep the batteries separate from other household goods like clothing and toiletries.

“The batteries and the batteries packaging is designed to ensure they are safe for the battery pack,” Hagery said.

“If we have a fire and the battery gets burned, that’s what we’re going to look at.”

A spokesman for Zippoo said the batteries are designed to be completely disposable, and they are only available in the United States and Canada.

Hagery is a long-time consumer advocate, and has spent years lobbying governments, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to adopt stricter safety standards for Zinc-based rechargeable batteries.

Zippoz says it’s working to update its batteries and make them more resistant to fire, but Hagert said that they’re not done yet.

The company also says that it will continue to work on reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment.

The company’s products have a carbon footprint of about 5.7 kilograms of carbon per kilogram.

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